‘Disabled’ benefits cheat ran pub

By Will Astbury

A Salford woman who claimed £20,000 because she ‘couldn’t’ work was found to be running a pub all along.

Forty-two-year-old Anne-Marie Sherratt made substantial sums by claiming she needed a stick to walk with.

The Sun reported that despite her disability, investigators found Sherratt working behind the bar of the Bull’s Head, Salford, Greater Manchester.

She was caught running the pub, pulling pints, mopping floors and changing barrels.

The landlady hobbled into court with her walking stick but was snapped giving it to a friend as she jaunted off, without support, for lunch.

Despite claims she was too ill to do community service Judge Peter Lakin ordered Sherratt to do 150 hours.

She was also given suspended sentence of eight-months after she pleaded guilty to benefit fraud at Manchester Crown Court.

The judge said that benefit fraud was not a victimless crime as tax payers were footing the bill.


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