Gorzy deportation imminent

By Will Astbury

MEMBERS of Manchester-based human rights organisation are appealing for support to help it stop the deportation of a 16-year-old girl and her mother tomorrow, Sunday 4 October.

Refugees and Asylum Seekers Participatory Action Research, aka RAPAR, want you to help stop Arezoo Gorzy and her mother Marjan from being deported.

The mother and daughter, who used to live in Salford, fled Iran two years ago after Arezoo’s father disappeared without explanation. To this day Marjan and her daughter still don’t know what has happened to him.

Upon arriving in the UK the pair tried to claim asylum but the Home Office has rejected their attempts as it does not accept that their lives would be in great danger if they returned to Iran.

The pair were then detained in the Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre, just outside Bedford.

Arezoo and Marjan were due to be deported on 10 September 2009. Five hours before they were due to be put on a flight to Iran, Marjan, terrified beyond words, did the only thing she felt she could to protect her daughter – taking so many tablets that she lost consciousness.

RAPAR caseworkers spoke with Arezoo and reached her lawyer in time  to stop the deportation on medical grounds.

The mother and daughter are still at the Yarl’s Wood Centre and are due for deportation again, despite Marjan being mentally ill and her daughter in some distress.

If you think you can help RAPAR stop this deportation contact them on 0161 834 8221 or on 07776264646 for more information on its work.


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