POLICE need the public of Greater Manchester to help trace their wanted criminals.

From Tuesday 13 October 2009, Greater Manchester Police have a dedicated wanted website featuring suspected offenders and convicted criminals they want to trace.

Up to 15 faces will appear on the site, with details of what they are wanted for and how the public can report findings.

Detective Chief Superintendent Jane Antrobus, Head of GMP’s Force Intelligence Branch said: “This website means members of the public can go online and help us find some of our most prolific offenders.

“Information can be given anonymously but could be vital to take these individuals off the streets.

“We want these individuals to face the consequences of their criminal behaviour.

In some cases the wanted faces also carry a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

Detective Chief Superintendent Antrobus continued: “Many people know or recognise people in their local community but it may be they don’t realise they are wanted by police.

“This is an opportunity for the community to help us keep criminals off their streets, and to make the area in which they live a safer place.

“I would urge the residents of Greater Manchester to be nosey, take a look, see if you recognise anyone and if so, give us a call.

“We can’t do this without your help.”


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