Mother pays tribute to murdered kids

THE MOTHER of two children found murdered in a house in Whalley Range has paid a moving tribute to her “polite” and “creative” children.

Theo Molemohi, aged two, and Yolanda Molemohi aged four, were found unconscious at a flat on Whalley Road just after 8am on Wednesday 14 October 2009.

Post Mortem examinations concluded the cause of death for both children was strangulation.

MISSED: Yolande and Theo died in hospital after being found unconcious in a Manchester flat

MISSED: Yolande and Theo died in hospital after being found unconcious in a Manchester flat

The pair’s mother, Morongoe Molemohi, said: “I have raised a fairy princess and a well behaved young man.

“I take pride in knowing that they were polite, caring, happy babies.

“I will take strength from their high energy and beautiful smiles.

“Theo would dance with the most charming smile. He was the only two-year-old who would initiate his own potty training and master it so quickly.

“I also remember him eating paint and his drawings were so impressive.

“Yolanda would greet everyone at school by name each morning. She was sociable, happy and full of confident fairy dust.

“She had lots of stickers for good behaviour and yet remained stubborn and strong and always knew what she wanted.

“Both were polite, sharing, loud and creative.

“I will always remain proud to be their mother. Their lives were short but they lived it to their full potential.

“I thank them for the joy, happiness and fulfilment they brought to my life.

“They have been my strength and hope. I love them very much and they will always be a beautiful part of me.

“I would like to thank everybody who has supported me through this traumatic time for their thoughts and kindness, in particular Our Lady’s School, Our Lady’s Church, the Police and Yolanda’s special friend.”

The children’s father, 37, was arrested on suspicion of murder remains in hospital after collapsing in police custody.


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