Hong Kong’s female filmmakers celebrated at Cornerhouse

By Will Astbury

CHINA: Visible Secrets is showcasing films from Hong Kong's finest female directors

CHINA: Visible Secrets, at Cornerhouse on Oxford Road, is showcasing films from Hong Kong's finest female directors

MANCHESTER’S Cornerhouse is showcasing the work of female directors from Hong Kong.

The exhibition, which has been dubbed ‘Visible Secrets: Hong Kong’s Women Filmmakers’, is designed to be a celebration of the imagination of these directors and their work through a programme of screenings, events and special guests.

Visible Secrets is currently running until Tuesday 3 November 2009 and will be showcasing selection of UK premieres.

It will contain some contemporary films from Ann Hui, one of the best-known women filmmakers currently working in Hong Kong, and introduce some new directorial talents from the region including Yan Yan Mak, Barbara Wong, Aubrey Lam and Tsang Tsui Shan.

TALENT: New women directors will be showing their films

TALENT: New directors will also be showing films

The season also includes a strand of documentary films. Mabel Cheung’s fascinating look at Jackie Chan’s family and his upbringing in Hong Kong is one documentary that should not be missed.

Ann Hui’s film ‘Visible Secret’ (2001) was the inspiration for the title of the season. Audiences will get the chance to see a range of Hui’s movies at Cornerhouse including the likes of Visible Secret and ‘Night and Fog’ (2008), which opened  this year’s Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Talking about the exhibition, Hui said: “To be honest, I am not especially pleased to be slotted primarily as a ‘woman filmmaker’, but  it’s okay with me. Plus, I see the relevance and the strength of having a distinctive subject and  drift for promotional purposes.

“Above all, I am glad that my films can be shown and watched in  other parts of the world. So thank you all for your efforts and my very best wishes for the  success of the event!”

Award winning director Yan Yan Mak will be appearing at Cornerhouse as a special guest and to introduce her new documentary ‘The Decameron’ (2009) on Saturday 31 October 2009.

FILM: Visible Secrets is running until 3 November 2009

FILM: Visible Secrets is running until 3 November

Also, look out for Mak’s highly acclaimed feature film ‘Butterfly’ (2004), screening as part of Visible Secrets’ Floating Landscapes: New Directors strand, which reveals the range of vibrant work being produced by a new generation of Hong Kong women filmmakers.

To close the Manchester season on Tuesday 3 November acclaimed screenwriter Ivy Ho will present a Gala screening of her directorial debut ‘Claustrophobia’ (2008), an intriguing narrative about the relationship between two ordinary office workers.

For the full programme of films and events and tour venue details as well as podcasts and interviews visit www.cornerhouse.org/visiblesecrets


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