Manchester anti-BNP protest at BBC

MANCHESTER Unite Against Fascism are organising a protest about Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time tonight.

The BBC has decided to invite Mr Griffin, leader of the British National Party (BNP), onto the political program for a debate on Thursday 22 October amidst much controversy.

A Unite Against Fascism (UAF) statement said: “To make sure he gets an easy ride, the BBC are screening the audience for potential anti-fascist activists.

“Up and down the country, protests against the platforming of this Nazi will be taking place. At the BBC’s Wood Lane studio in London, where the programme will be filmed, there will be an all day picket of the studio and a national protest.”

The UAF’s Manchester picket will be situated outside the BBC building on Oxford Road at 5:30pm.

Manchester Mouth would like to know your thoughts on this. Do you think the BBC is giving the BNP leader a rope to hang himself with? Is this an opportunity for Mr Griffin to spread his party’s rhetoric? Are you keen to hear what one of your MEPs has to say, as he will be representing Britain in Europe? Is this simply an attempt by the BBC to boost ratings?

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  1. You are the true nazi ,UAF,you lick the s**t of hamas, you veiw bomber harris as equal to the third reich,you s**t on the jewish child that had her brains smashed in by your fellow travelers,PLO, HAMAS,WAS IT THE BNP THAT MURDERED 2740 NEW YORKERS, was it the bnp that killed british people on buses, was it bnp that killed spainish train comuters,wasit bnp that killed aussies, was it bnp that killed 500 russians ,in the south of russia,YOU AND YOUR STINKING KIND LICK THE S**T OF THE MURDERS,OF THESE PEOPLE, YOU ARE NOT WORTHY, OF BEING USED TO WIPE THE S**T OF THE BNP ARSE.I doubt that you even have the balls to put this on your web site,prove me wrong?

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