Holidaymaker gets £240k payoff after biting a poisonous worm

A HOLIDAYMAKER has been awarded £240,000 because she was left disabled after eating a poisonous worm.

The Telegraph reports that Beryl Rushton, a grandmother from Accrington, Lancashire, bit into a black worm while dining in the Hacienda Tropical resort in the Dominican Republic.

 The poison from the worm left her disabled and she has had to endure organ failure, septicaemia  and temporary blindness. 

 Mrs Rushton was flown back to England upon eating the worm after experiencing pain which she claims was three times worse than giving birth.

She was taken to Accrington Victoria hospital before being transferred to Blackburn Royal Infirmary.

It was discovered that an infection from the poison had attacked her liver, brain and pancreas.

Seven years later, Mrs Rushton now has to take 23 tablets daily for bowel, bone and heart conditions. She can only use 30 per cent of her left side and spends most of her time in a wheelchair.

“I never thought it would happen. I have been all over the world and had this dish before. It’s my favourite,” Mrs Rushton said.

“After I ate into it I thought ‘let me be okay’. But about 1am the following morning the pains were horrendous.

“I have had three sons in childbirth. All that pain put together was nothing compared to it.

“I remember violent diarrhoea and blood loss through my nose and mouth.”

She added: “It was horrendous.”

Mrs Rushton’s poor state of health was proved to have been caused by poor hygiene conditions in the hotel.

After a long legal struggle, holiday operator First Choice agreed to make a settlement, which was the largest ever payout for a holiday sickness claim.

However, despite being awarded £240,000 compensation Mrs Rushton claims that  money cannot replace her health.

“It seems a lot of money but the point is my health has suffered inside and out,” she said.

“If you pay good money to stay at a four or five star place, you go to relax and chill out – not to come back and fight for your life like I did.

“I’m not getting any better now. It’s just going to go worse. There will come a day when I need a nurse carer each day. That money is in a trust for when I need it.”

The former yoga teacher, who once enjoyed climbing, fell walking, and dancing is now working as a voluntary counsellor for three hours per week.

Mrs Rushton’s book ‘To Hell and Back, and Back Again’ is to be published soon.


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