Plans to pedestrianise gay village welcomed

PARTYGOERS are celebrating the pedestrianisation of Manchester’s gay village.

According to Pink News parts of Sackville Street and Bloomfield Street are currently being pedestrianised on Friday and Saturday evenings in a pilot scheme which aims cut down on crime, improve safety and boost business in the area.

The four-week pilot, which runs until Friday 21 November 2009, has had the overwhelming support of people that use the gay village according to a Salford University survey.

Research revealed that 87 per cent of people interviewed said that pedestrianising the village was a good idea and 90 per cent believed the scheme should be made permanent.

Manchester City Council said that pilot has significantly reduced the number of crimes committed in the area and is now consulting businesses, local residents and village visitors for their views of the scheme.

Councillor Pat Karney, city centre spokesman, said: “We are very encouraged by the positive feedback we have received from Greater Manchester Police and the public from the survey carried out by Salford University.

“The joint aims of improving safety and reducing overcrowding seem to have been a success. However, it is acknowledged some operational issues need to be addressed in any future scheme.

“But now we would like to hear from even more people to help us gauge if this could be a long-term way forward to boost business and make visitors feel safer.”

If you would like to let the council know about your views contact Pam Richardson via email or call 0161 954 9000.


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