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Baby-killing nanny paid £4k to leave Britain

A NANNY who killed a baby in her care has been given £4,500 to leave the UK.

Agnes Wong killed a 16-month-old child by swinging him by his ankles and violently bashing his head against furniture in her Salford flat.

According to Southport Visitor, Hugo Wang died from bleeding and swelling of his brain. Burns, bite marks and bruises were found on his body.

Manchester Crown Court sentenced Wong to five years in prison in 2008 for the manslaughter.

She was released from prison in July 2009 and was given £4,500 via the government’s Facilitated Returns Scheme to accept deportation and fly back to Malaysia – which happened just two weeks ago sparking much controversy.

John Pugh MP said: “Just as one is desperately sad for little Hugo’s parents, one is angry beyond belief at the thought of a sadistic murderer receiving even a penny of public support.

“This deportation package may be what the rules allow but if the rules conflict sharply with people’s basic moral convictions, it must be the rules that change.”


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