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George Osborne’s brother converts to Islam for marriage

THE SHADOW Chancellor’s younger brother has converted to Islam for his marriage to a Muslim Mancunian.

Dr Adam Osborne, 33, who spend months studying the Qur’an at a mosque in Withington, Manchester, married Bangladeshi-born plastic surgeon Dr Rahala Noor, 31, after her family insisted that he convert to Islam.

According to The Daily Mail, the couple, who met at St Andrews University 14-years-ago, married in two ceremonies, one civil and one religious, held over the last six weeks.

Dr Osborne, who was temporarily banned from working as a doctor in 2008 after he was alleged to have prescribed drugs to a ‘friend’, has now adopted the name Mohammed, attends the mosque regularly and prays five times a day.

The happy couple are currently living apart as Dr Osborne works at the John Howard Centre in Hackney, East London, as a psychiatric specialist and his new wife was recently appointed to the plastic surgery unit of Royal Preston Hospital.

After falling in love in St Andrews in Scotland, the couple moved to University of Manchester to study medicine together, but kept their relationship secret for Dr Noor’s family.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, a friend of the couple said: “They met in the first week, after a lecture, and that’s when the relationship started. They didn’t tell her family, however, because Rahala was worried about how they would react.

“Adam’s family knew all about it and they thought she was a very good influence on him.

“But Rahala didn’t want to upset her folks. She knew that her parents probably wanted her to have an arranged marriage and she did not want to disappoint them.

“She only told her mother and siblings two years ago, after her father died.

“Rahala explained to her three brothers and two sisters that she was deeply in love and wanted to marry Adam. I don’t think they were too keen. Her older sister, who had an arranged marriage, was especially resistant.

“Over time, however, and after meeting him on a few occasions, they came around to the idea. And when Adam announced that he was going to convert to Islam, it enabled everyone to accept the relationship.”

Surviving allegations that Dr Osborne had illegally provided prescription drugs to a 21-year-old prostitute he had been having a relationship with, the couple are said to be happy and moving on with their lives.

Another friend said: “Rahala stood by him because she loves and believes in him.

“She is also very keen to start a family and wants to raise the children as Muslims – which he is happy about. He’s converted for the future of their family.

“She’s very traditional and Adam loves the fact that he’s got a wife who is willing to look after him.”

One of four sons of Baronet Osborne of Ballintaylor, Dr Osborne was raised in a £5million house in Notting Hill, West London, and attended the prestigious St Paul’s School CoE for boys.

Dr Noor’s father emigrated from Bangladesh and settled in Manchester in 1980, when she was two. An extremely gifted student she went to a comprehensive school in Withington before attending a private A-level college.


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