Salita racially abused at Khan fight

OUT FOR THE COUNT: Salita suffered two blows on Saturday 5 2009, he was knocked out and racially abused

A RABBI who was present when Dmitriy Salita fought Bolton’s Amir Khan was shocked by the anti-semitic comments directed at the American boxer.

Khan beat Salita in 90 seconds to defend his WBA light-welterweight title but Rabbi Dovid Lewis was one fight attendee who was stunned for another reason.

While accompanying Salita to the ring Rabbi Lewis of Newcastle United Hebrew Congregation claims the Orthodox New Yorker was subjected to cruel aggressive racist comments.

“We were shocked at the vitriolic abuse shouted at Dmitriy from both sides of the throng on the walkway to the ring,” the rabbi told The Jewish Community Online, “It was anti-semitic swearing and spitting with a lot of pushing and pulling they were baying for him at this point, although the general crowd was good-humoured and calm.”

After the fight Rabbi Lewis spent the evening with the defeated Salita, celebrating the shabbat.

“Dmitriy was stunned but not hurt, we returned to his hotel and he was visited by a large crowd of supporters, well into the night. As it was a significant day in the Lubavitch calendar, Dmitry showered, put on fresh clothes and his tzitzes and we learned into the night,” said the rabbi.

According to reports, around 200 Jews from New York, London, Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow were in Newcastle supporting Salita.

Of Ukrainian origin, Salita, who always wears a Star of David on his shorts, was previously unbeaten in 31 bouts. He is an Orthodox Jew and currently studies at a Chabad yeshiva in Brooklyn.

He is now planning to take a break from boxing while he honeymoon’s with wife Alona, who he married in September.


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