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Gay Tory to challenge Blears

THE CONSERVATIVE Party has selected one of its gay candidates to challenge former-cabinet member Hazel Blears.

Matthew Sephton, who teaches at a Stockport primary school, is chair of the Tory’s affiliate group LGBTory and plans to replace Ms Blears as the representative of the new Salford and Eccles constituency.

According to Pink News, the politician from Manchester claimed that the public had been failed by Ms Blears and said he was looking forward to being part of a Tory government which has the largest LGBT membership of any political party.

“Local residents in Salford have been badly let down and taken for granted by Labour and by Hazel Blears MP – at the next election there is a clear choice between five more years of Gordon Brown and Hazel Blears, and a fresh start with the Conservatives,” Mr Sephton said, “The Conservatives after the next general election are likely to have the biggest number of openly-LGBT MPs than any other party, and I’m proud to be selected to stand as one of many openly-LGBT candidates.

“It won’t be an easy road ahead but I’m looking forward to the challenge it brings. Our country is ready for change and I believe the Conservatives are the ones to offer that change, for a brighter future ahead for everyone.”

The traditionally Labour Salford and Eccles constituencies are being restructured and combined.

But Mr Sephton will be hoping that consistent negative headlines about to Ms Blears and the expenses scandal will work in his and the Conservative’s favour.

A ‘Hazel Must Go’ campaign was set up by local residents to protest over Ms Blears avoiding £13,000 of capital gains tax and over hospital closures in the  area.

However, it is believed that Ms Blears won’t go down without a fight.


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