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Chris Gayle: ‘I could play for United’

WEST Indies captain Chris Gayle has said that he could have played for Manchester United if he had chosen football over cricket.

The self confident Windy, who was speaking prior to his debut in the Twenty20 Big Bash competition for Western Australia, claimed if it had not have been for all the running he could have become one of the world’s most talented footballers.

“I’d be a soccer player and I’d be representing Manchester United – there’s no two ways about it,” Gayle told WAtoday, “I got skills, I’m very talented.

“Football was one of my first sports over cricket. I used to like playing football more than cricket but I was more talented in cricket.

“In cricket there’s not too much running, but in football there’s too much running. I’m not to keen on too much running but I’d be playing for Manchester if I took it up seriously.”

When asked if he would have been a bigger name in Caribbean football than Dwight Yorke, Gayle said “Definitely man – easily, easily.”

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