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Computer grants for eligible families

STOCKPORT Council is urging low-income families to see if they are eligible for a grant to buy a Home Access Computer.

The Government Home Access Grants will assist families to purchase a computer and internet package helping to support children’s learning at home.

The grant covers the cost of a computer, one year’s internet access, service and support and safety features.

The grant is available to parents or guardians responsible for and living with a child who is in school Years Three to Nine, age seven to 14, and claiming free school meals or certain income related benefits.

The Home Access Grant does not need to be paid back and the computer remains with the family even when the child finishes school. At the end of the first 12 months families can decide if they want to keep the internet – families won’t be locked into anything that they don’t want or can’t afford.

To check if you are eligible for the grant contact the Government’s Home Access Grant Service on 0333 200 1004, Minicom 0121 748 1471 for an application pack or visit http://www.homeaccess.org.uk

For help completing the application form contact Stockport Direct on 0161 217 6028.

For local IT courses or to express an interest in taster sessions, contact Stockport Council’s Continuing Education Service on 0800 389 0804.


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  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Peter Jones and J2interactive Ltd, Manchester Mouth. Manchester Mouth said: Stockport Council is urging low income families to see if they are eligible for a grant to buy a Home Access Computer http://wp.me/pEi0o-cI […]

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  4. was trying to see if i could get help with a computer for my daughter.thank you celena meade

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