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Polish dog learns English

STAFF at the RSPCA centre in Oldham were having trouble getting through to a dog until they realised that he only spoke Polish.

Bilingual boarder collie Cent was originally believed to be deaf by workers at the animal care centre in Greater Manchester but they looked into his background and realised he could only understand Polish commands.

They brushed-up on some Polish words and with four months of language training Cent now understands English and is ready for a new home.

“When he came in he wasn’t responding to the basic commands,” care assistant Karen Heath told the BBC.

“We couldn’t understand why at first but when we’ve looked at his records and his history he has come from a Polish family.

“So obviously we’ve gathered from that he doesn’t understand the English language, so therefore he won’t understand our basic commands.

“We’ve learnt a few basic ones which are sit – siad – and come – do mnie – and he seems to understand what we’re saying.

“Obviously, maybe he’s having a chuckle because were pronouncing it a bit wrong… but we’ve got to work alongside that to teach him the English versions of them as well.”

Staff are now assuring potential adopters that they will not need to learn Polish.


One Response

  1. Amazing!

    A local translation company commented that there may be dogs that can only understand other languages because of migration and non-English speakign families with “ex-dogs”.


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