Salford lecture for LGBT History Month

LECTURE: Dr Casella will be launching LGBT History Month at the university with a talk about female prisoners in Austrailia

THE FIRST North West launch of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) History Month will take place at the University of Salford.

LGBT History Month takes place every year in February to celebrate the lives, achievements and histories of LGBT people in the UK. This year’s patron is Welsh rugby star Gareth ‘Alfie’ Thomas – the first international rugby union player to come out as a gay man.

The 2010 launch will be marked on Wednesday 3 February 2010 with a Salford lecture called ‘Disgraceful Transactions: A Sexual Economy of Female Prisons in Nineteenth Century Australia’ and delivered by the University of Manchester’s Dr Eleanor Casella

Drawn from a combination of archival research and excavations, the lecture will explore how the material word of the Ross Female Factory – a nineteenth century colonial prison for exiled British female felons – influenced internal power relations, sexual practices and social relationships amongst the administrators, guards and female inmates.

The lecture is the third in a series of five high profile talks endorsed by Vice-Chancellor Prof Martin Hall. They are open to everyone and focus on matters of public interest ranging from human rights to early human ancestry in South Africa.

Prof Hall said: “Salford is committed to supporting its LGBT students and staff, and it is a privilege to host this important event in honour of the achievements of LGBT people.”

Dr Casella said: “By exploring the diverse complexities of human relationships through the medium of material culture, we can better appreciate the rich lives of LGBT people in both the recent past and today’s society.”

A 2009 University and College Union study on sexual orientation equality found that the University of Salford is one of the top educational institutions in the country for demonstrating good practice.

The lecture will be delivered at 5.30pm in the Council Chamber in the Old Fire Station (Salford campus). You can reserve tickets via


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