Amaechi: ‘Homophobia makes boys mistreat girls’

A FORMER NBA basketballer-turned-psychologist has suggested that homophobia teaches teenage boys to mistreat girls.

John Amaechi, who is an honorary of doctor of science at Manchester Metropolitan University, responded to the UK government’s campaign to address abuse in teenage relationships by saying that entrenched homophobia is doing damage to young straight couples.

“In school, for a boy, being clever and interested in academia is gay; being kind and thoughtful is gay; being respectful to a parent, authority figure or woman is gay,” Amaechi said in The Times.

“For a man, being sexually considerate — that is, not sleeping with every female that moves — is gay. Having non-sexual friendships with women is gay. Being nurturing and considerate is gay. Talking your way out of a fight is gay. Choosing not to drink until you puke is gay. Having a friend who is gay is gay.”

Speaking during Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month, Amaechi, who played for the likes of Orlando Magic and Utah Jazz and was the first NBA star to come out as gay, claimed that this notion of being a ‘real man’ was teaching young men to do negative things like rebel against authority, turn away from academia and abuse women.

He also said that team sports were the only place where ‘real men’ can flout gender rules.

“Goal-scoring celebrations often need only a little 70s music in the background to make them gay porn — and even there they must prove their heterosexuality by routinely being impulsively violent, sexually indiscreet or unable to express themselves beyond grunted sporting platitudes,” Amaechi added.

He said that parents should teach their sons to be respectful, empathic, kind and thoughtful to women and redefine society’s view of what a real man is.

“Homophobia is literally and figuratively killing our youngsters — especially young, straight boys whose lives, relationships and aspirations are cut short as they strive to be seen as ‘real men’,” Amaechi said.


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