Hispanic arts fest hits Manchester

OLÉ: Cornerhouse is hosting its Spanish and Latin American art and films season from 6 to 27 March 2010

MARNCHESTER’S Cornerhouse is hosting its Spanish and Latin American art and films season throughout March.

¡Viva! Film Festival, which runs from 6 to 27 March 2010, offers a snapshot of the best of Hispanic cinema from the past twelve months, featuring 18 new films and three short programmes.

In Gallery One Mexican artist Carlos Amorales will be showing two of his most recent works ‘PsicofoniaIs’ and ‘Discarded Spider’.

This year Cornerhouse, Manchester’s international centre for contemporary visual art and film, will be introducing to some of the top Spanish movies including Catalan gem ‘Little Indi’, a coming of age fable about a teenage bird lover who is forced to confront the harshest side of life to help his mother.

EVENTS: ¡Viva! will feature 18 new films, an exhibition by a Mexican artist, lectures, and networking opportunities

As well as this the festival will feature a host of  cross-country and cross-genre collaborations, including opening film ‘Solo Quiero Caminar’ (Just Walking), a revenge thriller and Spanish/Mexican co-production.

Also amongst ¡Viva!’s impressive collection of art and film is a Hispano Mancunian feast – a live accompaniment by Manchester-based band Die Kunst to the mesmerising short films of Segundo de Chomónx: ‘Le Scarabée d’or’ (1907), ‘Excursión Incoherente’ (1909) and ‘Metempsycose’ (1907).

Alongside all this there will be an introduction to Spanish cinema held on Tuesday 2 March 2010 at 6pm. It will include an ovierview of ¡Viva! 2010 which will highlight prominent directors, actors, producers, and the festivals must see films. It will cost £3.50 or £3 to concessions.

Carmen Herrero will also be exploring the representation of crime in recent Spanish and Latin American films in a lecture. It will discuss how crime films can be used to comment on socio-political events and gender issues as well as raising questions of citizenship and national identity. This talk takes place on Monday 8 March 2010 at 6pm. It will also cost £3.50.

If you would like more information about ¡Viva! visit www.vivafilmfestival.com.


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