Scannergate: Muslim women not allowed to fly

TWO MUSLIM women were reportedly stopped from boarding a flight to Pakistan at Manchester Airport because they refused to go through the body scanner.

According to Manchester Evening News, one of the women refused to go through the scanner, which creates a naked image of the person for security staff to view, on religious grounds and the other refused stating medical reasons.

The two women were reportedly travelling from Manchester to Islamabad when they were selected to be screened while checking in at Terminal 2.

Reports have suggested that after refusing to participate in the scanner, the women were warned that they wouldn’t be allowed to board the Pakistan International Airlines flight if they continued to refuse.

The pair reportedly forfeited their £400 flight and left the airport without complaint.

These women are the first people to refuse to go through the scanner which was introduced last month.

Human rights and civil liberties activists have complained about the incident saying that people shouldn’t have to sacrifice their beliefs or their health to fly on an aircraft.

Two more scanners, which reportedly cost around £80,000, are set to be installed at the airport within the next month.


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