‘Migration Stories’ launched in Manchester

JOURNEYS: Migration Stories offers an incite into why people move to the UK

A BOOK which tells a number of tales about migrating to Britain is being launched in Manchester.

‘Migration Stories’, a collection of sixteen fictional and fictionalised short stories about people leaving their homeland to settle in Britain, will be launched at the Waterstone’s store in Deansgate on Thursday 11 March 2010.

Kuljit Chuhan, director of Migrant Media, enjoyed the book and said: “The rich, particularly sensitive and humanising portrayals in this collection give it a special and immeasurable value.”

Emigration to the UK is a story that reaches all the way back to Roman times. The Irish Potato Famine, the flight of the Huguenots from France and William the Conqueror’s invitation to Jewish people to settle in Britain are just some of the many historical events to trigger migrations.

More recently, the British Empire connected colonised countries to the ‘mother country’, two World Wars saw substantial European populations settle in the UK, and the expanding European Union brought yet further migrations.

Lemn Sissay, poet, said: “The word immigrant derives from the word migrate originally used to describe what birds do. As such we are all immigrants just like the birds. These experiences, these writings must be heard.”

Migration Stories was complied by Muli Amaye (a creative writing PHD student at Lancaster University), author Martin De Mello and writer Corrine Fowler among others.

The launch, which takes place at 6:30pm in Reading Room on 2nd Floor, will include readings by the contributors, refreshments and the opportunity to get signed copies of the book.

Entry costs £2 but this will be discounted from the price of the book, which ordinarily costs £5.99, on the evening for those buying copies.

Places are limited so if you would like to attend the launch reserve a ticket by contacting 0161 837 3000/ 839 1248 or events@manchester-deansgate.waterstones.com or pick one up at Waterstone’s information desk.


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