Manchester students help Tamil cause

STUDENTS from Manchester are coming together to support the Tamil speaking communities of Sri Lanka.

On Wednesday 3 March 2010 University of Manchester attendees turned out in support of  human rights organisation Tamil Solidarity (TS) at a special meeting.

The Sri Lankan government is known for abusing the human rights of its citizens and the Tamil speaking communities in particular.

Explaining the reasons for the meeting a TS said: “Manchester University students came to the meeting to find about what is happening in Sri Lanka and how the civil war was started.

“They understood that the discrimination by the Sri Lanka ruling class against Tamil-speaking people pushed young people towards armed struggle. Also students asked and learned about Tamil Solidarity Campaign and how it is helping in the fighting to achieve freedom for oppressed people in Sri Lanka.”

In 2007 Amnesty International reported that three Tamil men, Sujith Gunapala, Sasikaran Thevarajah and Satyaphavan Aseervatham, were arrested for no reason and illegally held in incommunicado detention after they returned to Sri Lanka from Thailand.

The Independent has previously reported that Tamil people were tortured by being “suspended upside down by ropes, while being beaten around the testicles and made to inhale noxious fumes”.

It said that others were “held in camps by the Sri Lankan army and have been the victims of repeated male rape and having lighted cigarettes extinguished on their genitalia”.

After the meeting many students expressed their keenness to help TS to pass a motion supporting the campaign at University of Manchester Students Union general meeting on Wednesday 17 March at 1pm.

Lots of them also volunteered to help out at TS campaign stalls, which have been set up to encourage more than 300 students to attend the meeting.

The first stall took place on Friday 5 March and future stalls will take place on Monday 8 March from 1 to 3pm and all day on Tuesday 9 March.

TS is hosting another student meeting Wednesday 10 March at 1pm in the Students’ Union so please turn out and show your support.


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