Wanderers sign up to ‘One Bolton’ pledge

CELEBRATING DIVERSITY: Defender Zat Knight champions community cohesion by signing the One Bolton pledge

BOLTON Wanderers players have joined together to sign the ‘One Bolton’ pledge, which celebrates community cohesion and recognises diversity.

The pledge offers people a means to demonstrate their commitment to Bolton as a welcoming tolerant town and the football club joined local faith, community, politics and business leaders to make a commitment to this concept.

The One Bolton pledge says: “We celebrate the diversity of Bolton and unite to create One Bolton, recognising differences, celebrating communities and commit to encouraging harmony.”

Owen Coyle, Wanderers manager, said: “Our club has always been committed to welcoming players and fans from all nationalities and communities, and one of our great strengths is that togetherness we have at the club and in our community here in Bolton, and we are pleased to support this pledge. We’d like to encourage all Wanderers fans to sign it too.”

The launch of the pledge follows the first ever One Bolton Festival, which was launched in 2009 and will run again this year.

The One Bolton festival celebrates all that’s great about Bolton, and encourages people from all different backgrounds, beliefs and values to get together to enjoy events and cultural activities.

The pledge is also directly linked to the Big Bolton Fund (BBF) and encourages supporters of One Bolton to pledge money to the fund, which in turn will be used to support local community programmes across the borough.

The pledge can be signed online at www.boltonlife.org.uk, where residents can learn all about the pledge and its supporters and donate money to the BBF. Residents can also pick up a postcard to sign up to the pledge, which will be available at libraries and community centres across the borough.

Alternatively, residents can show their support by texting PLEDGE to 70007. Texts cost £3, plus the cost of a standard message and £2.55 will be donated directly to the BBF.


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