West Bank women talk in Manchester

TWO PALESTINIAN women from the West Bank gave a talk at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Mofida Hanani and Sabah Ikhmayees, who were visiting the North West as part of a speaking tour, came to the university on Wednesday 10 March 2010 to talk about ‘Living Under Occupation’.

The Manchester branch of Palestine Solidarity Campaign organised the visit by the women and its chair Linda Clair said: “The two Palestinian women talked about every day life under occupation, of not being allowed to travel from the West Bank to Jerusalem without a permit, which is very often not granted.

“Because of the harassment Palestinians try to limit any travel between towns and villages to cases of urgent need, like visiting a dying relative. Even then a permit might not be granted or given too late.”

Hanani, a local councillor from Beit Fourik, a village near Nablus, and Ikhmayees, a lecturer in women’s studies at Al Quds University, Abu Dis, were brought to the UK with 12 other women as part of an Annual Speaking Tour for International Women’s Week.

The tour, which is co-ordinated by the Britain-Palestine Twinning Network, is organised to highlight the experiences that women go through in war-torn countries like Palestine.

Commending these inspirational women, Clair said: “It was a good audience, and the presentation was very well received, the women were praised for their courage.”


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