Tortured Iranian wants to stay in UK

A CHEMICAL engineer who was imprisoned and tortured in Iran for his political activities is seeking asylum in the UK.

Khosro Borjipour, who is currently living in Manchester with his wife and daughters, fears for his life if he returns to Iran where he was detained and tortured on three occasions over a 25-year period.

“It would be disastrous for the family if we had to return to Iran.  My life would be in danger,” said Borjipour, 50,

Borjipour’s claim for asylum is backed by the Swedish based Association of Iranian Political Prisoners in Exile.  The organisation has verified his case through contacts in Iran and with other political prisoners.

He now wants to publicise his case in the hope that other people who knew him will get in touch and confirm details of his case to the Home Office. His MP has contacted Borjipour’s solicitor to see how he can help with the case.

The former engineer also wants the Home Office to ask Iranian political experts or human rights organisations such as Amnesty International to consider and evaluate his evidence or officially request Iran for his previous records of imprisonment.

Borjipour’s supporters are urging the Home Office to allow him and his family to stay in the UK on human rights grounds because his life would be in danger if he returned to Iran.


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