Ahmed jailed for crash for cash scam

DANEROUS: Ahmed caused car crashes to earn money through an insurance scam

AN ECCLES man who was involved in a crash for cash scam has been given a jail term.

Abdullah Ahmed , 24, of Lower Monton Road, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud, and was sentenced to two years in prison, with 12 months suspended, on Tuesday 6 April 2010.

Three other men were ordered to complete community service at earlier hearings.

Jehangir Iqbal, 29, of Skerton Road, Stretford, Mohammed Aziz Miah, 34, of Chadwick Road, Eccles and Omran Hussain, 29, of Mather Avenue, Eccles had all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud.

On 14 May 2005, a Rover stopped suddenly in front of a Ford Focus at the Eden Point roundabout on the A34 in Cheadle, despite the roundabout being clear of traffic. The driver of the Focus could not remember the brake lights coming on.

Omran Hussain and Mohammed Miah made insurance claims on the back of the collision.

STUPID: Miah claimed that a crash had left him unable to do everyday tasks but wrote that he was doing DIY in his diary

In Miah’s personal diary, later seized by the police, he recorded making a visit to the hospital, getting his courtesy car and taking two days off work to support his claim in the days that followed. The entries were jotted down among other menial tasks he completed.

Miah claimed that as a result of the injuries he suffered, he was unable to carry out any physical activity in the weeks that followed the collision. In his diary he said he regularly carried out DIY during this time.

On 24 October 2007, a couple driving their Nissan Micra onto the Peel Circle roundabout near the Trafford Centre, collided with a Lexus.

Abdullah Ahmed was driving the car and later claimed the driver of the Micra was at fault, coming onto the roundabout without warning.

After the couple became suspicious about the collision, Ahmed also falsely claimed that the couple racially abused him. In his claim, Ahmed stated that the Lexus was off the road for 111 days.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition devices scanned the number plate of the Lexus 13 times in the 111 days following the collision, when it was claimed to have been in storage.

In 2005, workers at an office block at the Eden Point roundabout on the A34 in Cheadle became suspicious at the alarming regularity with which collisions were taking place at the same spot on the roundabout.

They noticed the collisions were always at low speed, and often, the same man was driving.

AXA insurance, one of the companies affected by the scam, investigated a number of the claims. In January 2008, the findings were presented to Greater Manchester Police.

As a result of Operation Contact, supported by the Insurance Fraud Bureau, Mohammed Patel, 24, of Nottingham Drive, Bolton, was jailed for four and a half years at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court.

Patel deliberately caused collisions for the defendants, who gave him their car keys and insurance details. He would be paid a fee while the claimants demanded compensation for personal injury, courtesy cars and legal fees at the expense of the other party’s insurers.

Sergeant Mark Beales, the officer who has led Operation Contact, said:
“The claimants in the scam were willing participants, and the conspiracy would not have existed without their cooperation.

”They now rightly have criminal convictions.

”This should send a clear warning to those who are involved in this type of criminality. If you want to take that risk, you have now seen what can happen.”

John Beadle, Member of the Insurance Fraud Bureau Board comments:
“This clearly demonstrates the insurance industry and law enforcement are not easy touches and takes this kind of criminality very seriously to protect innocent policy holders. This kind of insurance fraud adds on average on ¬£44 per policy per annum.

“We would like to commend the office workers who spotted this dangerous activity and for their vigilance and public-spiritedness. We would urge anyone with information on insurance fraud to call the Bureau’s free and confidential Cheatline on 0800 3282550 or report it online.

You can also view Manchester Mouth’s earlier articles about the region’s crash for cash epidemic.


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  1. thank you mate..

  2. How he got away with this for so long is beyond me, but i wonder how the solicitors in these cases did not pick up on it sooner. This is why personal injury has such a bad name.

    Gavin Moore

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