Bolton school girl Nazeeba missing

A teenage girl has been missing from her home in Bolton for more than four days.

Nazeeba Hussain, 14, was last seen at her family home on Loxham Street, Great Lever, at about 8:15pm on Monday 15 November 2010.

She is described as Asian, 5ft 2in tall with shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. When last seen school girl Hussain was wearing traditional Asian dress consisting of a black top, orange trousers, grey cardigan, red scarf and red shoes.

Greater Manchester Police are becoming concerned for her welfare due to her age and the fact Hussain has not been missing before. She has no access to money and no change of clothes.

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Child abuser Warde jailed

A MAN has been jailed for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl.

Richard Warde, 27, of Barry Road, Northenden, was found guilty of sexual assault after a trial at Manchester Crown Court Crown Square.

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Our World – Touchstones, Rochdale

NATURE: Garside asked local school pupils what they think of the environment

MANCHESTER Mouth community reporter Sadia Habib reviews Steve Garside’s ‘Our World’ exhibition – Touchstones, Rochdale.

The Our World exhibition was inspired by photographs in the albums of Garside’s friends on the social networking site Facebook.

He examined the holiday snaps from near by and far-flung places and with permission painted a number of landscapes to address the issues of travel and environmental responsibilities.

While this means that the artist’s experience of the landscape itself is second-hand, his response to the photographs is expressive and immediate and the result is a series of paintings that shimmer and glow with restless energy.

With the help of Zahid Hussain, author and chair of literature group Manchester Muslim Writers, Garside decided to take the exhibition to the next level and engage local school children to explore how the generation’s relationship with these landscapes would differ from his own

Pupils from St Vincent’s RC Primary School, Rochdale, wrote poems which outlined their reactions to the landscapes and these have been displayed in the style of a gigantic teardrop mobile alongside Garside’s paintings as part of the exhibition.

“Who better to comment on the impact on the environment than the next generation, and at the same time it raises their social conscience,” said Garside.

“It’s about social competence for the kids – their work is being included in a public space, and if only a couple of students take this further in their life, that will be some achievement for me.”

The free Our World exhibition runs until Sunday 21 March 2010.

Qur’an teacher jailed for child abuse

CHILD ABUSE: Qur'an teacher Rehman sexually assaulted a boy, 12

A QUR’AN teacher has been jailed for sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy in Rochdale.

Atta Ur-Rehman, 38, of Hearies Road, Sheffield, was found guilty after a trial of sexual activity with a child, sexual assault with a child by penetration and sexual assault.

He was sentenced to six years in jail on Monday 1 March 2010.

The victim was alone with Ur-Rehman, who was giving him Qur’an-reading lessons, in May 2009 in the study of his family house in Rochdale when he was abused.

The boy, who was upset and embarrassed, told his mother about what happened, and his parents decided to confront Ur-Rehman with the allegation.

Ur-Rehman at first feigned ignorance, but then asked the boy’s parents for forgiveness, claiming that all men make mistakes.

The boy’s parents then called the police.

Detective Constable Kirsty Simcox said: “Ur-Rehman abused the trust the victim’s parents placed in him in the most terrible way.

“It has been a horrific experience for the boy, and I hope that he and his family can move on from this after today.

“The boy showed immense courage to confide in his mother, and thankfully his parents then came to the police to ensure justice could be done.

“I hope this case sends a clear message that any report of abuse will be fully investigated by trained officers.”

Anyone who has been a victim of rape or sexual assault can contact Greater Manchester Police on 0161 872 5050 or 999 in an emergency. GMP has specially trained officers in place to provide a first class response to victims and help support them through the criminal justice process.

St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre in Manchester, can also be contacted on 0161 276 6515. This provides a comprehensive and coordinated forensic, counselling and medical aftercare service to anyone in Greater Manchester who has experienced rape or sexual assault. Services are available on a 24-hour basis and people can access them either as a self-referral or via Greater Manchester Police.

Baby-killing nanny paid £4k to leave Britain

A NANNY who killed a baby in her care has been given £4,500 to leave the UK.

Agnes Wong killed a 16-month-old child by swinging him by his ankles and violently bashing his head against furniture in her Salford flat.

According to Southport Visitor, Hugo Wang died from bleeding and swelling of his brain. Burns, bite marks and bruises were found on his body.

Manchester Crown Court sentenced Wong to five years in prison in 2008 for the manslaughter.

She was released from prison in July 2009 and was given £4,500 via the government’s Facilitated Returns Scheme to accept deportation and fly back to Malaysia – which happened just two weeks ago sparking much controversy.

John Pugh MP said: “Just as one is desperately sad for little Hugo’s parents, one is angry beyond belief at the thought of a sadistic murderer receiving even a penny of public support.

“This deportation package may be what the rules allow but if the rules conflict sharply with people’s basic moral convictions, it must be the rules that change.”