Mitzvah day team go green-fingered

By Peter Stanners

Local volunteers have been getting their hands dirty on a Faith in Communities Allotment in Gorton, Manchester, to prepare it for the winter season.

As part of Mitzvah day, a Jewish led day of social action, the green-fingered group trimmed hedges, cleaned tools and painted the sheds on the triple-sized allotment on Sunday 21 November 2010.

The allotment is run in partnership with several community organisations and provides many services, such as growing food for the disadvantaged people and running workshops on healthy eating, green exercise and poultry care.

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Forum celebrates Muslims that saved Jews

By Peter Stanners

A local inter-faith group has celebrated the brave Muslims who saved Jewish lives in World War Two.

On Sunday 23 October 2010 Manchester Muslim Jewish Forum members and local dignitaries attended the 70 Righteous Muslims Who Saved Jews In The Second World War event to remember the strong ties between Islam and Judaism.

Cllr Mark Hackett, Lord Mayor of Manchester, attended the celebration at Manchester Jewish Museum along with 80 other guests.

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Jewish Muslim fundraiser nets £30k

By Pete StannersManchester’s Muslim Jewish Forum exceeded its own expectations by raising an incredible £30,000 for charity at very special celebration.

The forum, which rose the funds money for the victims of the Pakistan floods, beat its target by more than £10,00o at the Eid and Post Yom Kippur Gala.

The event, which was held at the Mere Golf Club on Sunday 26 September 2010, was attended by 600 people and featured variety of entertainment including a live Klezmer band, a ladies fashion show and children’s entertainment in the form of face-painting and a bouncy castle.

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MJF hosts domestic abuse event

THE MUSLIM Jewish Forum for Greater Manchester is hosting an evening which addresses domestic abuse issues.

The Law and Domestic Violence Issues in Muslim and Jewish Communities event has been organised to give local people an insight into why this kind of abuse occurs and will discuss how it can be stopped

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Jews to donate bone marrow

A LEUKAEMIA charity has called on Manchester-based Jews to come and give blood and potentially save a man’s life.

The Anthony Nolan Trust are hosting an event to get more people to sign up to the UK bone marrow register and to help find a donor for Steve Rothberg.

“I am 44 years old. Until March last year, life was great – great job, football, occasional half marathon, family time with my wife and 2 young daughters. Now I need a life saving bone marrow transplant,” Rothberg posted on the Spit for Steve Facebook site.

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Gay Jews to make London pride trip

A GROUP for gay Jews in Manchester has decided to organise a trip to London Pride.

Keshet Manchester, a society for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, queer, and questioning Jews and their friends in the North West, has also invited local people to come with them to the parade.

A post on Keshet’s Facebook page said: “If anyone wants to go to London Pride on Saturday 3 July, Keshet Manchester is joining up with the London groups to make a national Jewish presence. Please let us know if you are interested in going.”

More than a million people attended London Pride in 2009 to experience a variety of events including an arts festival, political debates, comedy shows, a procession and general merry making.

If you want to represent your community along with Keshet Manchester contact

JD Wetherspoon deny EDL ban

A NATIONAL pub chain has denied rumours that it has banned members from an anti-Muslim extremism organization from drinking in its pubs.

JD Wetherspoon claimed that it does not ban individuals from its pubs whether it agrees with their political views or not.

It issued a statement after Manchester Mouth received a report from Unite Against Fascism (UAF) which claimed that members of the English Defence League (EDL) had been banned from the pub chain.

However, Wetherspoons did confirm that it would rather shut its pubs than become host to racist rallies.

A letter from the pub chain that was sent to a customer who complained about the EDL frequenting Wetherspoons in Stoke read: “We have been asked by the police to allow people to meet due to the size of our establishments and their reputation for being well managed pubs.

“In such circumstances we have been obliged to comply, however, we are concerned that some customers have interpreted our approach of Police co-operation as evidence of the company holding a specific political standpoint.

“Given the feedback that we have received we have taken the decision to review our approach to future police requests. I can confirm that going forwards it will be our preference to close the pub rather than inadvertently becoming host to such an event.”

Speaking to Manchester Mouth a spokesperson from Wetherspoons said that individual customers, whether they are EDL members or not, will be allowed into its pubs and that its establishments will only be closed as a result of a disturbance.

Last month Stoke police asked a Wetherspoons pub in Hanley to allow EDL supporters to meet before their protest march. Here’s a link to the meeting on YouTube:

“When I saw the EDL rally in a Stoke Wetherspoons on YouTube it looked like a scene from a beer hall in Germany at the time of Hitler,” said Mark Krantz, leader of UAF in the North West.

“A chill went down my back. I wrote to Wetherspoon to complain, lots of people did. I was so pleased when I got a letter from them saying in future they would close their pub to the EDL.

“I’m now very surprised and angry that they are going to allow EDL members to gather in their pubs prior rallies – just before they go on to attack ethnic minorities. I will be certainly writing to them again.”

An EDL statement said: “We have spoken to Wetherspoons and they are delighted for us to frequent any Wetherspoons public house anywhere in the land.”

The EDL, who claims that it is not racist but anti-Islamic extremism, is now planning to hold a non-violent protest in Bolton on Saturday 20 March 2010.

However, during its rally in Manchester in October 2009 50 people were arrested and more than 90 were arrested when EDL protested in Birmingham. In both cases it was not clear whether the violence was started by the EDL or by the individuals and organisations that oppose it.

UAF also claimed that: “When the EDL came to Stoke in January, the words ‘Islam Scum’ and ‘EDL’ were daubed on a local Mosque.”

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