New Black Family Join ‘Shameless’

By Will Astbury

A new black family has been added to the eighth series of Manchester-based drama Shameless.

The show began again in early January 2011, kicking off with a Chatsworth Estate party and not just any party – Frank Gallagher’s stag night. Reliable as usual, Frank, led by his drug-addled brain, disappears which makes for a magical mystery tour as the rest of the cast seek to find him. Admist all the chaos the new family, known as the Powells, appear.

The family is made up of fiery housewife and home-brewer Avril (played by Karen Bryson – who you may know from Bodies), mild-mannered, until he’s had a drink, trainee teacher Jackson (played by Manchester-born Emmanuel Ighodaro) and theirchronically dim-witted but gorgeous teenage daughter Letitia (introducing Kira Martin).

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Manchester anti-BNP protest at BBC

MANCHESTER Unite Against Fascism are organising a protest about Nick Griffin’s appearance on Question Time tonight.

The BBC has decided to invite Mr Griffin, leader of the British National Party (BNP), onto the political program for a debate on Thursday 22 October amidst much controversy.

A Unite Against Fascism (UAF) statement said: “To make sure he gets an easy ride, the BBC are screening the audience for potential anti-fascist activists.

“Up and down the country, protests against the platforming of this Nazi will be taking place. At the BBC’s Wood Lane studio in London, where the programme will be filmed, there will be an all day picket of the studio and a national protest.”

The UAF’s Manchester picket will be situated outside the BBC building on Oxford Road at 5:30pm.

Manchester Mouth would like to know your thoughts on this. Do you think the BBC is giving the BNP leader a rope to hang himself with? Is this an opportunity for Mr Griffin to spread his party’s rhetoric? Are you keen to hear what one of your MEPs has to say, as he will be representing Britain in Europe? Is this simply an attempt by the BBC to boost ratings?

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Iraqi professor becomes BSA member

A UNIVERSITY of Manchester professor has been recognised by the British Science Association for his work into the history of Muslim technology.

Professor Salim Al-Hassani was made an honorary fellow of the British Science Association (BSA) because of his research into the technological history of Muslim civilisation during “the dark ages”.

The Prof, who is originally from Iraq but has lived in Manchester since the 60s, has spent 20 years raising the profile of the scientific accomplishments that have occurred in China, India, the Middle East and Muslim Spain.

World Bulletin reports that Professor Al-Hassani, said: “It is a great honour to be recognised by the British Science Association as an Honorary Fellow. Science crosses all cultural and religious boundaries and researching the roots of modern science has highlighted to me the great debt we all owe to people of many creeds and colours.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring this message to the public, and humbled that the BSA has recognised my work in this way.”

The Prof focuses on the history of science between the seventh and 17th centuries and is the author of the book ‘1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage in Our World’.

“The period between the seventh and 17th centuries, that has been erroneously labelled as ‘the dark ages’, was in fact a time of exceptional scientific and cultural advancement in China, India, the Arab world and Southern Europe,” he added, “This is the period in history that gave us the first manned flight, huge advances in engineering, the development of robotics and the foundations of modern mathematics, chemistry and physics.”

The BSA awards honorary fellowships to those that promote openness about science in society and inspire people to get involved in science. Previous recipients of this award include Sir David Attenborough and Professor Robert Winston.

Lord May, BSA president, said: “Honorary Fellowship of the British Science Association is a distinguished honour, conferred to date on just 81 people. Proffessor Al-Hassani’s interest in the history of science and technology, and specifically within Muslim cultures, has earned him a worldwide reputation.”