Lady From The Sea-Royal Exchange, Manchester

By Sadia Habib

Manchester Mouth’s entertainment guru gets to grips with the choppy waters of love in her review of Sarah Frankcom’s production of ‘The Lady from the Sea’ at Royal Exchange theatre.

Henrik Ibsen’s The Lady From The Sea beautifully illustrates the dilemma encountered by the dreamer Ellida as she struggles between honouring her commitments to her husband and her step-daughters or opting for a life with a past lover – The Stranger (Bill Ward)- who has happened to return to her life.

Apparently Ibsen was inspired by Norwegian folk tales in the writing of The Lady From The Sea. One of the legends concerned a sailor who returned home to find that his wife had assumed he was dead at sea and thus re-married. This legend is cleverly explored in this production and incorporated in the stories told by Ellida (Neve McIntosh).

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No Idea – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

MANCHESTER Mouth community reporter Sadia Habib reviews Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence’s ‘No Idea’ – Royal Exchange Theatre.

Two actors – Lisa Hammond and Rachael Spence – have ‘no idea’ for a play they would like to write/perform. Let’s go ask the public, they decide.

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