New Black Family Join ‘Shameless’

By Will Astbury

A new black family has been added to the eighth series of Manchester-based drama Shameless.

The show began again in early January 2011, kicking off with a Chatsworth Estate party and not just any party – Frank Gallagher’s stag night. Reliable as usual, Frank, led by his drug-addled brain, disappears which makes for a magical mystery tour as the rest of the cast seek to find him. Admist all the chaos the new family, known as the Powells, appear.

The family is made up of fiery housewife and home-brewer Avril (played by Karen Bryson – who you may know from Bodies), mild-mannered, until he’s had a drink, trainee teacher Jackson (played by Manchester-born Emmanuel Ighodaro) and theirchronically dim-witted but gorgeous teenage daughter Letitia (introducing Kira Martin).

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No Idea – Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

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