Bolton school girl Nazeeba missing

A teenage girl has been missing from her home in Bolton for more than four days.

Nazeeba Hussain, 14, was last seen at her family home on Loxham Street, Great Lever, at about 8:15pm on Monday 15 November 2010.

She is described as Asian, 5ft 2in tall with shoulder-length hair and brown eyes. When last seen school girl Hussain was wearing traditional Asian dress consisting of a black top, orange trousers, grey cardigan, red scarf and red shoes.

Greater Manchester Police are becoming concerned for her welfare due to her age and the fact Hussain has not been missing before. She has no access to money and no change of clothes.

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Eastern European teens’ charity scam

POLICE have charged two people who allegedly conned south Manchester residents into donating to a bogus charity.

Between 8am and 2pm on Thursday 31 December 2009, two girls described as eastern European and in their late teens or early twenties knocked on houses in the Northernden area claiming they were deaf and dumb.

They carried clipboards and asked residents to sign a form for any donation made.

Two girls, aged 15, have been charged with conspiracy to steal and have been remanded in custody.

Detective Constable Steve Smith, of West Didsbury CID, said: “It is appalling to think someone could pretend to have a disability simply to con generous members of the public out of money.

“If anyone had a call to their home in the Northenden area on or around New Years Eve then please call me on 0161 856 6098.”

People with information can also contact the independent charity, Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Teen drug dealer jailed

Mudassar Khan

SCARPERED: Khan ran when an officer answered the door of a house which police were searching for drugs

A TEENAGE drug dealer who tried to flee from police has been jailed.

Mudassar Khan, 18, of Chester Street, Werneth, admitted possessing class A drugs with intent to supply at an earlier hearing.

He was sentenced to 26 months in prison on Monday 26 October 2009.

At 2.30pm on Tuesday 9 December 2008, officers executed a warrant at a house on Fifth Avenue, Limeside.

A short time later, at about 2.40pm, Khan came to the house while officers were searching inside.
A uniformed officer answered the door, prompting Khan to flee.

He was chased by a number of officers and threw a package into the garden of a house on Fifth Avenue.

He was arrested on Seventh Avenue and his package containing heroin, worth an estimated £785 was recovered.

Detective Constable Kate Dawson, from Oldham CID, said: “Khan denied having the drugs and even tried to claim he had not been at the house despite being confronted at the front door by an officer.

“He was clearly startled by this and instigated his own downfall by running away from police.

“It is clear from the amount of drugs we recovered that he was intending to sell them on.

“We are working hard in Oldham, and across GMP, to tackle those who profit from the sale and supply of drugs head on.

“I am delighted with today’s sentence and hope it sends a clear warning to others that we will do everything in our power to rid the streets of these harmful substances.”

Men offer underage girls cash for sex

TWO MEN approached two underage school girls and offered them money for sex in Gorton.

Around 3pm on Saturday 10 October 2009, the offenders, aged between 20 and 30, tried to talk to the 13-year-old girls near the Vale Cottage Pub on Croft Bank.

The girls walked away but were followed by the men who offered the girls money for sex and grabbed them by the arm.

The girls managed to break free and ran into the pub for help.

The men were last seen on the car park of the Vale Cottage pub.

The first man is described as Asian, 5ft 3in tall, of skinny build with short brown hair and was wearing a blue jacket.

Anyone with information should contact Longsight CID on 0161 8561376 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Muslims speak out against Columbine plot teens

Will Astbury

It seems that some of the Muslim community are speaking out about the acquittal of the two Manchester teenagers who were said to have plotted a Columbine-esq massacre of their classmates.

Sixteen-year-old Ross McKnight and 18-year-old Matthew Swift, both from, were charged with conspiracy to cause explosions with intent to endanger life and conspiracy to commit murder.

However, the jury accepted the boys’ testimony and said the plot had just been “immature fantasy”.

This result has led to questions being asked by some members of the Muslim community who want to know if the boys would have been treated the same if they believed in Islam?

The Muslim News, an online newspaper, spoke about what would have happened if the boys had been Muslim, saying: “They most probably would have been arrested, charged and convicted under the terrorism legislation.”

The Jury decided the on the boys’ futures after just 45 minutes of deliberation and murmurs of relief could be heard from the gallery when the verdict was announced to the court.

M Ali posted a comment on the website of Manchester Evening News after it was announced that boys had been cleared, it read: “Imagine if two boys of the same age as Mr McKnight and Mr Swift, that were Muslim, were doodling in books etc. about bombing a school and a shopping mall, the media coverage and the outcome of the case – I can almost guarantee it would be totally different from this, it’s a given.”

The two teens were arrested six months ago after McKnight bragged about the plans to a friend when he was drunk. She contacted the police.

Computers and journals, which contained entries that referred to a plan to “kill thousands”, were confiscated from the pair by officers when the investigation began. The journal entries said the massacre was planned to mark the 10th anniversary of the massacre in Columbine.

At one point during the trial Roderick Carus QC, Ross McKnight’s barrister, reportedly said that people in Britain are incredibly concerned about their own security and added: “And rightly so, if not the IRA, it’s Muslim extremists and so forth.”

However Mr Carus reiterated that young people must not be condemned because flights of fancy

McKnight had to sit his GCSEs in Hindley Young Offenders’ Institute, where he has been since March. Swift spent this time in Strangeways.

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